Setup guide for RiscaSim

To prevent downtime during the practical, please try to setup everything before the workshop.

1. Prerequisites

Please download the following files for your specific OS.




Sadly mac does not support non-default baud rates and can currently not be used. A VM cannot be used for acquisition and programming as the high speed communication required is not supported in VirtualBox.

2. Install the Virtual Machine

Install VirtualBox from the downloaded files, prerequisite folder or package manager. After, please install the extension pack by opening VirtualBox and going to File -> Preferences... -> Extensions -> Add new package (button).

Import the Virtual Machine (riscasim-2018-practical-sca.ova) into VirtualBox using File -> Import Appliance.... It is important that you correctly setup a shared folder to quickly get traces and builds from and to the VM. The shared folder is currently linked to C:\shared-folder, please verify/change this in Settings -> Shared Folders.

Credentials for the VM

3. Programming the Riscurino

4. Obtaining traces

5. Attacking